Equine Colic Relief
USA's #1 Remedy    Stops Colic!

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Equine Colic Relief

Equine Colic Relief prices:
1 bottle / $85.00 includes shipping
2 bottles $80.00 a bottle, includes shipping.
3 bottles $75.00 a bottle, includes shipping.
All product are shipped priority mail and
 we accept all credit cards.

One bottle does one bout of colic, unless you have
miniature horses or under the age of 3 months

Order NOW before you NEED IT !!

The fastest shipping in the world won't be fast enough when you have a colic emergency on your hands!


Utah Order will have tax added when ordered


One Bottle for $85.00
Equine Colic Relief

Two Bottles for $160.00
Equine Colic Relief

Three Bottles for $225.00
Equine Colic Relief

Equine Colic Relief USA
P.O. Box 410203
Big Water, UT 84741
888-675-5866 (toll free)
928-660-0365 cell


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